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    Why do we need the point system on Learnclax ?

    Leave the world better than you found it .

    Robert Baden Powell

    To leave the world a little better than you found it. That's the best a man can ever do.

    Paul Auster

    Leave Learnclax better than you found it, by adding to the community.


    With Learnclax, we are trying to create a community of students and teachers where lecture materials and past questions can be shared freely to help one another. Our goal is to have as much Books and Past questions as possible. We hope to be the go-to website for every book and past question that ever existed.

    We cannot create this community alone. We need your help to grow this community, just as much as you need this community to aid your study. This is why we plead with you to leave a book or past question that is not already on Learnclax. We are very happy when we get a new book or past question on Learnclax, because it gets us one document closer to our goals.

    We introduced the point system, to reward those who contribute more to the community with more access to books and past questions.

    We made LearnClax free for downloads for a year, to see how much documents our users will contribute to this noble cause. People dowloaded documents without caring to share documents they have already.

    Some of the documents you download are uploaded by fellow community members. it wouldn't be fair if you only take away from the website and not give back.

    We are plead that with you to find a way to contribute to the community, by earning points from the ways we have provided

    You get :

    • +15 Points for each verified referral when you refer a friend. Visit your profile page through the side menu for your referral link
    • Up to 240 points for each download when you share a book or past question on social media groups

      Tip: Documents with low points get more downloads than documents with high points. Sharing documents with low points will increase your chances of getting rewarded, as you only getting document share bonus when the user sucessfully downloads the document you shared

    • Up to 2,000 points when you buy points
    Why should I buy points ?

    Some users find the other ways of gaining points to be tasking. They requested for a faster way of getting point. We decided to allow these users to offeset some of our cost of running LearnClax.

    If you find the other ways of getting point too tasking, you may want to consider offesetting some of our bills