• Instructions for uploading Textbooks and past questions

  • Study materials to be uploaded, must be of high value content.
  • They must be unique and cannot be easily found on the internet.
  • Do not upload magazines, articles, journals etc.
  • Avoid uploading copyrighted materials.
  • Check if Document exists in textbook section or past question secction.
  • Avoid uploading bad scans, incomplete e-books or draft e-books that are only half done.
  • Do not upload a combination of different courses in one document. Example : CHM101 & BIO101 should not be uploaded in the same file.
  • Practice questions are not allowed.
  • Total file size should not exceed 100MB. For larger files, you can use Wondershare PDF element to compress file.
  • Maximum number of files for upload is 20.
  • We advise you use chrome browser to upload documents.
  • Only PDF and Word Documents are allowed. To convert other file formats to PDF you can Download WPS.
  • Every document has to be verified before you can be credited with points. So your patience will be very much appreciated.