• Top 48 ways to make money in Nigeria

    1. Be a graphics designer

    Businesses need people who can convert ides to skill. To learn graphics design Go on YouTube, "search for tutorials on how to use Adobe Photoshop" Watch and learn.

    2. Be a tailor

    Nigeria is about to become the 6th most populated country in the world.There is a big market for clothes.

    3. Become a craftsman 

    Hand skills and fine art products,especially painting and pottery.

    4. Design and produce invitation cards

    Everyday,there are thousands of events in Nigeria.

    5. Sing

    If you have a good voice, you can start by joining band someone will discover soon.

    6. Play an instrument

    Faith based organizations are expanding. Music is a big part of praise and worship.

    7. Invest in Product packaging

    Phones,Pharmaceutical products,food etc are in boxes or cartons

    8. Produce handkerchiefs

    There are more than 90 Million adults in Nigeria who sweat every day.

    9. Body soap

    Producing soap and cream that is safe for the skin, especially for the treatment of acne,eczema and rashes.

    10. Computer training

    Computer literacy is one of the biggest challenges in Nigeria.If you have the scarce basic computer skills, you can share this Knowledge and make some money through training programs.

    11. Freelance Journalism

    Develop an interesting perspective to a subject,write about it and consistently post online.

    12. Telephone repair services

    Almost every adult in Nigeria has a mobile telephone.These phones were not built to last forever

    13. Get a driving Job

    This may not be a posh Job, but whatever you do,be damn good at it and you will charge a premium for your service.

    14. Get a motorcycle and make deliveries

    For the delivery of food,gift and transporting people.

    15. Home delivery of cooking gas

    Families now use less of kerosene stove and more of cooking Gas(LPG).

    16. Beef production

    Nigerians love to eat beef. Do not wait to own a ranch - start small

    17. Packing waste

    Yes packing Waste ! waste from animals are used to make fertilizer. A wise man once said that sh*t business is serious business.

    18. Food supply

    You may not have the money (for now) to start your dream restaurant, but restaurants need people who can supply raw materials.

    19. Produce honey

    Nigerians are getting more health conscious. Honey is fast replacing sugar.

    20. Farm equipment operator

    A lot of farms now use modern equipments. These machines need skilled operators.

    21. Cashew

    There is a high demand for cashew from Nigeria. Think about what you can do with the opportunity.

    22. Poultry industry

    Nigeria has many poultry industry that need quality Vet doctors and poultry pen managers.

    23. Egg merchant

    Why is the demand for egg rising? It is because it has many uses - Baking bread,cake,biscuit, etc.

    24. Export smoked fish

    Export sometimes sounds like something for people with a lot of money. This is not true. You can do it too. You may start by visiting NACCIMA .

    25. Going back to school 

    Add to your knowledge and skills. Education is an investment that pays high interest.

    26. Online skills promotion 

    I belie ve you have a skill that you can sell online - comedy,music,advise,etc.

    27. Salon

    As a start up entreprenuer, a salon may not make you billonaire, but you can make some reasonable income.

    28. News forecaster

    News broadcasting(today's news) is about to give way for news forecasting( predicting tomorrows news). Theres is a future for those who can make good predictions (using science and not juju).

    29. Electrical installations

    Nigerians buy a lot of electronics (Tvs,fridge,telephones and of course air conditioners). These equipments have faults from time to time.

    30. Making shoes

    Learn how to make footwear that are affordable,durable and comfortable.

    31. Handbag making

    These days a lady does not feel complete without her telephone,charger and handbag.

    32. Selling fashion accessories

    There is a groeing need for sunglasses,necklaces and bangles.

    33. Jeans

    This is a niche market. The jeans trend is not going anywhere, at least anytime soon.

    34. Make ups

    Though there are many make up artists,think about how you can win the heart of your client. The reward for fantastic service is loyalty,referrals and more money.

    35. Nail making

    This may not be your route to fame or riches, but it can pay some of your bills.

    36. D.J services

    Nigerians love to celebrate and party.

    37. Mathematics and english teaching

    over the last ten years,the results from WAEC reveal that students are struggling to pass these subjects. Can you teach? Money is waiting for you.

    38. House painting

    You can make money from either producing the paint or becoming the painter.

    39. Furniture making

    Basic house furniture - especially bed,wardrobe and kitchen cabinets.

    40. broom making

    There is a high demand for the traditional "brown brooms". Also,think about re-iinverting this product.

    41. Pest control services

    There are rodents everywhere. This has led to opportunites for individuals who can solve this problem and make money.

    42. Tissue paper

    Who doesn't tissue paper? This is also not a business that needs millions of naira to start.

    43. Car wash

    There are more than 11 million vehicles on nigerian roads.

    44. Bottled water

    There is a rising demand for affordable and safe drinking water. This may require a bit more cash (capital) to start, But it is a good way to make money in nigeria.

    45. Whistle blowing

    The governmentstills pays for relevant information on fraudsters and corrupt government officials

    46. Mobile App(software) development

    In nigeria, there are 123  million telephone line with subscription . Aside whatsapp,facebook and instagram,mobile telephone users will use applications that can solve pain points.

    47. Become a mobile money agent

    The CBN reveals that the value of money outside nigerian banks is #1.87 trillion. Mobile money agents are assisting individuals who save money,make payments and transfer more easily. It will not cost you to much to become  an agent of one of the reputable firms in the industry.

    48. Private security services

    The government is doing all it can to end Boko Haram ,but the evidence show that schools,hotels,offices,etc also employ private security solution providers.

    Think about what value added service you can offer in the security industry


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