• Interview questions for Business Analyst & Project Managers

    Top 7 Business Analyst Interview Questions



    - What is a misuse case?

    - When can a BA say that the requirements are done?

    - What are the tasks that are not part of a BA’s job?

    - List out the documents that are used by a BA in a Project?

    - How will you be able to handle the changes to requirements?

    - What does INVEST means?

    - Differentiate an alternate flow and exception flow of a use case diagram?

    It is important to note most organizations hiring BAs want to make sure they hit the ground running on day one.

    Top 5 Important Areas of Project Management Interview Questions and example

    1. Domain Knowledge & Skills

    Example: What are the three key challenges for the project management industry today and how can these challenges be effectively addressed?

    2. Prioritizing & Time Management

    Example: How do you ensure that your project is always on track?

    3. Managing Ambiguity & Risks

    Example: How do you control changes to your project?

    4. Effective Delegation

    Example: How do you monitor and review the delegated responsibilities?

    5. Proactive Decision Making

    Example: Give a few examples of proactive decision-making in your past projects

    Information is key and can go a long way in saving time and even money.

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