• The 10 Most Common Reasons Why Your Ads Are Not Converting

    Facebook Ads

    1. You're selling your product to the wrong audience... before selecting your audience... you need to first do some research to know the kind of people to target.

    2. Your ad creative is not compelling enough... 

    Because Facebook does not allow you add too much text on your ad images, it mostly serves one purpose... "IT GETS PEOPLE TO READ THE AD COPY" and if your ad image isn't compelling enough... even your ideal buyer will scroll past your ad.

    3. You've exhausted your audience... 

    You know you've probably exhausted your audience when your ad was doing really well for a few days and all of a sudden... crickets...

    Protip: if you want fresh people seeing your ad, when creating a new ad you can exclude people who have already clicked your ad before... 

    4. Your landing page isn't good enough.
    If your landing page is not good enough, you will have many people clicking your ads and no one making a buying decision...

    5. You do not have a clear call to action on your ad. I've seen so many ads like this... 

    Do you want me to click the link or call you or whatsapp you or what 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ why is there so much boring text?? I just want to buy this shoe what do I do to contact you 🤦🏿‍♀️ 

    6. It's Christmas! Your ad budget isn't enough to secure a top spot... its detty december and alot of businesses are running ads. And Facebook will give more attention to their consistent advertisers who spend more money. So if you're a small fish... you will struggle this season 

    And That's just some of the reasons.


    Updated on 2:50-am December 24,2019


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