• 5 likely interview questions and answers

    Job applicants often get nervous when it comes to going for an interview on their dream Job. But with proper preparation, I believe Job applicants should be able to get through any interview confidently.I have written these 5 likely questions to arm you for whatever is ahead, Lets get straight to the point.

    Interview question 1:

    Tell me about yourself.”

    This is an opportunity to sell yourself and highlight your career success stories in 2-3 minutes.

    Be brief & as concise as possible. 

    Interview question 2:

    Tell me about a time you failed.”

    Demonstrate how you learnt from your mistake or failure and how that helped you grow professionally. Don’t bad mouth yourself or organise a pity party. 

    Interview question 3:

    What are you short & long term goals?

    Demonstrate that you are a goal-driven professional.

    Then, relate your response to the company interviewing you. 

    Interview question 4:

    Why should we select you for this role?”

    Highlight that you are a good fit, highly motivated and productive; and that you will deliver excellent results. Don’t beg. 

    Interview question 5:

    How do you handle or cope with stress?

    Explain how you have handled stress in the past. Also, highlight that good pressure can be a motivator for you and that it helps improve your productivity.

    When asked why you want to work for the company: 
    -Use the opportunity to emphasize how your strengths and skills match the role you are applying for
    -State your plans to advance your career and how the opportunity would help you achieve that.

    After Interview

    Dear X

    I enjoyed speaking with you today about the X role at XYZ.

    The job is an excellent match for my skills and interests, and I will bring to the position strong xyz skills.

    I appreciate the time and look forward to hearing from you.


    Tunde Omotoye


    Updated on 6:02-am January 14,2020


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