• A breakdown of Certifications in Canada

    A breakdown of Certifications in Canada categorized into:

    - Designation
    - Brief description &
    - Website of certifying body.

    Professions are in:

    - Accounting/Finance
    - Architecture/Design
    - Aviation
    - Bank/Insurance
    - Engineering
    - Education
    - Health
    - HR
    - Community / NGO 

    It is important to note that some jobs require certifications to practice while some are not legally required. However, having a certification 'might' increase chances. Look through the website and contact if you have questions. Especially if it can be issued outside Canada. 



    1. CPA (Chattered Professional Accountant): The CPAs are recognized as some of the best Canadian accountants.

    Link: CPA CanadaCPA

    CPA  Canada

    2. CFP (Certified Financial Planner): They are recognized by the Financial Planning Standards Council and what they do is assess client portfolios and optimize their returns.

    Body: Financial Planning Standards Council.

    Link: FP Canada

    3. CFSA (Certified Financial Services Auditor): They are internationally recognized by The Institute of Internal Auditors Canada. This designation audits financial institutions.

    Link: tiny.cc/txj3iz 

    4. CGAP (Certified Government Auditing Professional): This is by the Institute of Internal Auditors and they specialize in public-sector auditing.

    Link: tiny.cc/n9s3iz 

    5. CIA (Certified Internal Auditor): This is by the Institute of Internal Auditors and what they do is inspect companies finances to reduce losses.

    Link: tiny.cc/0dt3iz

    6. CFA (Chattered Financial Accountant) – (Edmonton)

    Link: tiny.cc/bgt3iz 

    7. CFA (Chattered Financial Analyst) – Calgary: This designation is given to members accepted into the internationally renowned organization the CFA Institute.

    Link: tiny.cc/xzt3iz

    9. CIWM (Certified International Wealth Manager)

    Link: tiny.cc/dnu3iz 

    9. CIM (Chattered Investment Manager): This is recognized by the Canadian Securities Institute and a CIM is one of the highest-rated investment managers.

    Link: tiny.cc/mau3iz 

    10. CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter): The CLU is recognized by the Institute for Advanced Financial Education and what they do is optimize clients’ life insurance plans.

    Link: bit.do/fqd9u 


    1. CCCA (Certified Construction Contract Administrator)
    Link: tiny.cc/uev3iz

    2. CEC (Construction Estimator Certified)
    Link: bit.do/fqedp

    3. Architect
    Link: bit.do/fqedS 

    4. BEFA (Broadly Experienced Foreign Architect)
    Link: bit.do/fqedS

    5. CA (Chartered Appraiser): The Chartered appraisers are recognized by the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec and they assess the value of a variety of assets.

    Link: Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec

    6. CEC (Construction Estimator Certified)
    Link: bit.do/fqeeE

    7. LEED AP (LEED Accredited Professional)
    Link: tiny.cc/9uv3iz 


    1. A.A.P (Accredited Airport Professional)
    Link: bit.do/fqeo7

    2. A.E.E. (Accredited Airport Executive)
    Link: bit.do/fqeo7 


    1. CCSA (Certification in Control Self-Assessment)
    Link: tiny.cc/rwy3iz

    2. CRMA (Certification in Risk Management Assurance)
    Link: tiny.cc/9xy3iz 

    3. CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist): They are recognized by the Institute for Advanced Financial Education and what they do is handle health insurance claims.
    Link: bit.do/fqeAs

    4. CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional):
    Link: tiny.cc/55y3iz 

    5. R.F.P. (Registered Financial Planner)
    Link bit.do/fqeBk

    6. CSWP (Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional)
    Link: bit.do/fqeBT 

    7. PFP (Personal Financial Planner)
    Link: bit.do/fqeBT

    8. MTI (MTI Estate and Trust Professional)
    Link: bit.do/fqeBT 

    ENGINEERING (& Related)

    1. CET (Certified Engineering Technologist): bit.do/fqeE3

    2. AScT (Applied Science Technologist):
    Link: bit.do/fqeFo

    3. CCIT (Certified Computer Information Technologist)
    Link: bit.do/fqeFo 

    4. CET (Certified Engineering Technologist)
    Link: bit.do/fqeFo

    5. C. Tech (Certified Technician)
    Link: bit.do/fqeGN

    6. OLS (Ontario Land Surveyor)
    Link: bit.do/fqeG7 

    7. P. Tech (Professional Technologist)
    Link: bit.do/fqeHA 


    1. GC (Guidance Counsellor)
    Link: bit.do/fqeJe


    1. T.M. (Medical Technologist)
    Link: bit.do/fqeJK

    2. Occupational Therapist
    Link: tiny.cc/gv03iz

    3. Registered Midwife
    Link: bit.do/fqeKf 

    4. CACFI Acupunturist
    Link: bit.do/fqeKH

    5. Certified Audiologist – Aud(C) and Speech-Language Pathologist
    Link: bit.do/fqeK2

    6. Chiropractor
    Link: bit.do/fqeLi

    7. Paramedic
    Link: bit.do/fqeLv 

    Nursing, Doctor and Dentistry have all been omitted from list. 



    1. CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional)
    CHRL (Certified Human Resources Leader)
    CHRL (Certified Human Resources Executive)
    Link: bit.do/fqeNQ

    2. PCP (Payroll Compliance Practitioner)
    CPM (Certified Payroll Mgr)
    Link: bit.do/fqePH 

    3. CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance)
    Link: astd.org/certification

    4. RPT (Registered Professional Trainer)
    Link: bit.do/fqeRq 

    5. CCS (Certified Career Strategist)
    CIS (Certified Interview Strategist)
    CRS (Certified Resume Strategist)
    CEM (Certified Employment Strategist)

    Link: bit.do/fqeRy 

    Worthy of mention:



    CCPE (Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist)
    CHSC (Certified Health & Safety Consultant)
    CHSMSA (Certified Health and Safety Management System Auditor)
    COHN (Certified Occupational Health Nurse) 

    CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional)
    CRST( Canadian Registered Safety Technician)
    ROH (Registered Occupational Hygienist)
    ROHT (Registered Occupational Hygiene Technologist)/

    i have also made an article on some I.T certifications


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