• 9 FREE online IELTS resources

    Preparing for IELTS? These 10 FREE online IELTS resources are useful.

    For those applying to immigrate to Canada, improving your language test score is one way to boost your CRS score (if you don't have the highest band already).
    1) LearnClax

    2) Goodluck IELTS 

    3) IELTS Liz

    4) IOT(IELTS Online)

    5) IELTS Buddy

    6) Road to IELTS 

    Youtube Channels (Very good for the Listening and Speaking parts)

    7) IELTS Simon

    8) E2 IELTS 

    9) IELTS Listening

    All the best! 

    My advice, if you are doing IELTS (General) to immigrate to Canada as a skilled permanent resident, the band to work towards is at least CLB 9 (this is a least Listening - 8, others 7 in IELTS).

    CLB means Canadian Language Benchmark, and that's what your IELTS is converted to. 

    This is what the IELTS to CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) conversion looks like for Canadian immigration.

    The highest CLB is 10.IELTS


    Updated on 9:23-am February 25,2020


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