• How to target the correct audience for your brand or new store

    Alright so if your reading this I’m assuming your just now starting your venture with your new business. The most important thing besides making your website look professional is targeting the right audience.

    Target Audience

    “Everyone” isn’t your audience and theirs a reason why... 

    The reason I say this is because certain people may be more inclined to buy this product because it’s more important to them

    If your selling a baby product & you target everyone , then your implying they all have babies.

    Most likely they don’t. 

    Targeting is super important because although you may be getting tons of people to your site if they don’t need the product they won’t buy

    Remember, your looking for sales not just views on your website

    So how do you figure how to target the audience who will buy? 

    You need to understand the psychology behind targeting

    You need to target the people who are most interested in this product...

    The reason being is because most likely they have a problem that your product can solve but need to see how it will help them. 

    When your targeting your audiences you have to put yourself in their shoes

    Who are they?
    What do they watch?
    What do they eat ?
    What do they like to do?
    What magazines or books do they read?
    What music do they listen to?

    This is VERY important in targeting your audience.

    Before running any ads you need to sit down & answer those questions & more

    Fully put yourself in their position so you can know how to word things that will best feel comfortable to them

    This is often missed because people rush the process. Then wonder why they don’t get sales 

    Once you’ve figured out what interests they have, and what they like then you have to present the product correctly...

    If your product solves a problem then make them aware of the problem first then offer the solution

    They need to see that they have a problem first... 

    Once you’ve done this you need to show them how this product is good for them

    How will this product make them feel?
    How will it help them save time or money?
    How will this product make someone else feel if it was a gift?
    How cost efficient & convenient is the product? 

    This is exactly how I figure out the right audiences to target when starting a new product or brand

    It’s the most important steps hands down

    If you can perfect this system then any product can be a “winner”

    Your angle + targeting + offer are the 3 things that make a “winner”.

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