• 9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Copywriter

    1. Study human nature and behavioral patterns

    Pay serious attention to human nature and behavioral patterns. Worry less about writing. It’s a game of psychology/persuasion.

    The actual writing is 1% of the job. 99% of it is deep thinking & careful calculation. These 31 Psychological Triggers To Be Considered When Writing A Sales Letter should be studied.


    2.  Learn how to develop big marketing ideas and craft irresistible offers.

    This, my friend, is the heart and soul of great Copywriting.

    Do lots of market research. Study blockbuster sales letters that are working right now. 

    3. Reading too many Copywriting books is bad.

    Reading too many Copywriting books will lead you down the path of information overload. Implement what you learn as fast as you’re reading it. One Copywriting book at a time. Knowledge is power, If and only if you use it. 

    4. Save. Invest. Diversify.

    Copywriting doesn't just give you a huge earning capacity. It seduces you into making stupid money decisions too.

    If you’re not careful, You’ll blow all that money as fast as it comes in. Save. Invest. Diversify. 

     5. Always ask your client for fees upfront.

    Don’t cook anything for any client until they’ve paid u your FEES Upfront!

    You don't dare tell a hooker you'll pay her after sex. You pay before the sex. Always Insist on *pay before service*. That's how you run a business 

    6. The secret to great Copywriting is great rewriting.

    Write your first draft as fast as possible ( For gods sake Don't waste time here). Nobody (but you) sees your first draft. When you're done, you can edit ruthlessly! 

    7. Bookmark,save,screenshot

    Listen to me: BOOKMARK,Save, Screenshot every great ad or sales letter that grabs your attention.

    These are the raw materials from which your BIG MONEY BREAKTHROUGH will come. Do this. Do it. Do it.

     8. Subscribe to Agora’s Newsletters

    Of everything I've learned as a Copywriter, this comes close to being the most important. Subscribe to Agora’s Newsletters (theagora.com/subscribe)
    Read their emails,
    Click the links,
    Study their promotions over 

    9. A Copywriter has a minimum of 5 income streams

    Client money
    Affiliate Income
    Portfolio income
    Joint-Venture income

    If you're a Copywriter, marketer or info publisher in the Financial niche. Make these websites your companion:

    The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, The Financial times,Investopidia,The Motley Fool, Forbes, Business Insider, StockGumShoe. Also, keep an eye on politics and what's happening in the stock market.

    If u focus on just client money,You're leaving a lot of money on the table, especially when there are other ways to make money as a copywriter.Not good.


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