• How to get into product management

    If you are an aspiring Product Manager without a technical background, here are some ways you could break into Product Management and improve your project management skills:

    1. Do your homework

     There's nothing more irritating than a person who doesn't spend time understanding a process

    - Learn about the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

    - Observe how engineers work - Identify flaws in a product - software or physical item, take things apart

    - Learn how to Google things you cannot explain to a 5 year old

    You cannot improve something you don't understand.

    2. Work with product creators

     If you are already employed, identify developers or designers who work on products, then observe how they decide what features are prioritised and when the product is shipped.

    Also step up to lead work streams that focus on leading people from different teams to deliver an objective. This doesn't have to be a product in the first instance. It could be something as little as putting together slides for a meeting that needs input of different teams. This teaches you how to get people from different teams to achieve a common goal - content for a meeting.

    3. Be visible

    Sign up on @Quora@reddit and @Medium and engage with people in Product Management and Technology as a whole. Trending topics and questions are usually shared on these platforms.

    4. Read about why certain products were discontinued and about releases of new products

    One of my favourite resource is: A Google Projects Resting Ground: The Google Graveyard

    Release of new products can be found with @ProductHunt

    5. Attend local meet ups for Product Managers

    There are so many virtual and physical meet ups organised by @productschool and other organisations. Just search on meetup or eventbrite.

    6. Resources for aspiring PMs:

    - What Does a Product Manager Do ? by @tworetzky

    - “So you want to be a product manager? This is how I got started” by @melanielei_

    - “Forget the MBA. Here’s the fastest way to become a product manager” by @productchops

    Apply for Associate Product Manager Programs. These are very competitive but worth the shot.

    @productschool provides a comprehensive list here: http://apmlist.com

    Communities to join: 

    productschool’s slack community

    - Startup Study Group 

    -  Reddit Product Management community


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