• 7 simple Career Growth strategy

    Career growth is actually very important in order to gain financial stability that puts your mind at rest. It also helps you fulfill your life with things you love like buying that house, taking those holiday trips, investing in that business, adding value & so on and so forth. 

    So basically, here's "7 Point Strategy" that can be used towards that career growth. Okay and remember to wash your hands and use face masks when going out! 

    Career growth

    1. Create A Unique 'Promotional Material'.

    As simple as this may seem, your resume/ cv/ 1 page website is your promotional material b'cos it contains your work history, professional affiliations, skills and qualification. Since it's your selling tool you need to sharpen it! 

    There are loads of free resources online available to updating your resume. If in doubt, you can use the service of a professional resume builder. Note that having a current top-notch looking "promotional material" is the first step to mapping out that growth path. 

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    2. Set Achievable Goals

    If you seek career growth, you should have a list of goals that you must work on achieving at least yearly. These goals must align with the bigger picture of where you'd like to see yourself end up eventually. 

    The goal for a year can be as simple as:

    1. Complete a leadership training course by the end of 1st quarter.
    2. Ready to take the XYZ certification by 2nd quarter.
    3. Gain a more in-depth knowledge of XYZ software / tool by 3rd quarter.
    4. Take XYZ certification by 4th quarter. 

    3. A Constant Scan Of Yourself

    A scan of yourself simply involves a honest review of your strengths and weaknesses. This is a crucial strategy for career growth as it helps you improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses every now and then. 

    It could even be you trying to improve a skill based on a feedback or an outcome from a project you had worked on. Know what hard skills are relevant to you. Make a list of them, but do not overwhelm yourself. Also, your soft skills are as important as well. 

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    4. Take Advantage of Your Relationships

    Who you know is as important as what you know because success in any component of life is relationship-focused.
    Your Colleague
    Your Teacher
    Your Lecturer
    Your Mentor
    Your Friend...

    ...might hold the key to your next career growth. 

    5. Learn from OPE (Other People's Experience)

    Reach out to that Director friend who might have passed the road you are trying to travel. That colleague who might have worked on a similar project. You can learn from their experience and even leverage on it. 

    Reach out to that contact who already published a book.
    Reach out to that contact who is a guru at using a tool you want to learn.
    Reach out to that contact who already has that certification/qualification.

    Discuss their experience and learn from them. 

    6. Seek A Good Coach / Mentor

    Even people we look up to that have broken world records, have had coaches/mentors at a point in their lives. A mentor will save you time by keeping you on the right path of career growth. 

    A mentor is free.
    A mentor will provide information and knowledge.
    A mentor has the experiences you can learn from.
    A mentor will offer encouragement and help keep you going.
    A mentor will find ways to stimulate your career growth. 

    7. Join Professional/Non Professional Association

    Become a member.
    Make friends.
    Grow your relationship within your association.
    Get active.
    Become a leader.

    Your involvement will raise your credibility and someone will speak on your behalf even when absent. You need that! 

    Finally, Track Your Progress. Make sure to track progress because it can improve your overall career strategy. You know, self-assessment helps you realize where you are and how far or how close you are from the goals you have set.

    Be true to yourself and all the best! 


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