• How to research and familiarize yourself with a company

    Today I will discuss an important element in interviews. How to research a company. This article would be particularly useful for guys currently in the Unilever recruitment process.

    Your potential employer does not want just anyone. They want candidates whose values align with their own.

    Here are some steps to familiarize yourself with a company.

    1. You can search the company on Google using site:companywebsite.com "company culture"

    2. Read the about us page on the company website

    3. Go on LinkedIn and search for people who work in the company and study their career progression and also the rate of attrition. How long do employees stay before they leave.

    4. Know what problem their product or service solves for customers

    5. Understand their value proposition

    6. What differentiates them from their competitors

    7.Search Google news for the company's name to find out the most recent development

    8. Use archive.org to check about their history 

    This will prove to any employer that you are more than your CV. All the best in your next interview.


    Updated on 11:53-am May 26,2020


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