• World Bank appoints Federal University of Technology,Owerri(FUTO) for international position

    Feederal university of technology Professors

    The World Bank has selected the Federal University of Technology Owerri as a center of excellence for future energies and the electrochemical system in Africa, also called ACE-FUELS.

    It was pointed out that FAC-FUELS would help the university to run international master's programs in electrochemical technologies, future energies, nanotechnologies and corrosion technologies.
    At a press conference held Wednesday by the university to mark the Vice Chancellor's three-year term, Prof. Francis Eze, vice-president, said the university leadership had completed its plans to collect waste for energy production
    He also advised Nigerian institutions to adopt the new technology, adding that it was the current global practice.

    "We continue to improve the aesthetics of the campus environment by preserving green lawns," said the television channel. Proper conversion and disposal of waste is also billed. This is the current trend in most civilized countries and we imitate it. It would be an immeasurable help in the generation of energy. "

    He stated that FUTO was established as a specialized university to impart the practical knowledge and skills needed to accelerate the technological development of the country.

    Eze, however, revealed that it was to deepen and develop research and innovation activities that his government had created the Office of the Assistant Vice-Rector for Research, Development and Innovation.
    VC did not fail to say that his three years in office were a mix of accomplishments and challenges.

    He cited the FUTO land invasion, the hostile and uncooperative attitude of host communities, lack of personnel, inadequate power supply, poorly equipped libraries and laboratories, poor road networks and inadequate housing, among others. among the challenges facing the university. .

    Updated on 3:34-am June 20,2019


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