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    Introduction to public administration

    course code: POS217

    Department: Administration, Social and Management science

    school: University of Ibadan

    Year of Exam: 2016

    Tags: POSDCORB politics private administration Traditional Approach political science modern approach systems theory institutional approach Max Weber's bureaucratic theory civil service

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    Introduction to epistemology-2015 & 2016

    course code: PHI201

    Department: Arts and Humanities

    school: University of Ibadan

    Year of Exam: 2016

    Tags: epistemological problems Empiricism Rationalism Scepticism knowledge truth priori propositions posteriori propositions Synthetic a priori propositions Defensibility Approach Relevant Falsehood Approach Reliability Approach Causal Theory Scepticism Foundationalism

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    NANOSCALE MATERIALS-U MARK-2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2019

    course code: MTE421

    Department: Engineering, Enviromental and Technology

    school: Federal University of Technology, Owerri

    Year of Exam: 2019

    Tags: nanoscale U MARK nanomaterials nanocapulses nanoporous nanofibre nanowire nanotube fullerene electronics bottom-up approach top-down approach graphene graphite bulk young nanoparticles

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