• BRS Neuroanatomy ,4th edition - ANA

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    Course code: ANA
    Department: Anatomy
    Year-published: 2012
    Author: James fix
    level: 200
    school: University of Nigeria
    Uploaded by: Justin
    Uploaded on: 04-April-2019
    size: 14MB
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    Tags: Gross anatomy of the brain Meninges cerebrospinal fluid Central nervous system Nervous system Neurohistology Spinal cord Brainstem Trigeminal system Auditory system vestibular system Cranial nerves cerebellum Thalamus visual system Autonomic nervous system Hypothalamus olfactory system Gustatory system Limbic system Basal ganglia Striatal motor system Neurotransmitters Pathways Apraxia Aphasia dysprosody anatomy

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