• Clinical Anatomy Applied Anatomy for Students and Junior Doctors,14th Edition - ANA209,ANA204,ANA302,ANA307

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    Course code: ANA209,ANA204,ANA302,ANA307
    Department: Anatomy
    Year-published: 2018
    Author: Harold Ellis,Vishy Mahadevan
    level: 200
    school: University of Ilorin
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    Uploaded on: 07-February-2020
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    Tags: Thorax Abdomen pelvis upper limb lower limb head neck nervous system brain spinal cord cranial nerves special senses autonomic nervous system trachea lungs pleura thoraic cage Peritoneal cavity gastrointestinal tract gastrointestinal adnexae liver gall bladder pancreas spleen urinary tract ligamentous pelvis pelvic floor perineum

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