• Semiconductor Devices (Theory and Application), Version 1.1.5 - ECE411

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    Course code: ECE411
    Department: Electrical/Electronics Engineering
    Year-published: 2019
    Author: James fiore
    level: 400
    school: Federal University of Technology, Owerri
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    Uploaded on: 19-February-2020
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    Tags: Atomic Crystals Doped Materials N-Type Material P-Type Material PN Junctions Diodes Diode Applications Bipolar Junction Transistors BJTs BJT Biasing Amplifier BJT Small Signal Amplifiers Junction Field Effect Transistors JFETs JFET Small Signal Amplifiers Metal Oxide Semiconductor FETs MOSFETs DE-MOSFET MOSFET Small Signal Amplifiers Class D Power Amplifiers

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