• Textbook of anatomy abdomen and lower limb,Second edition by Vishram Singh

    Year-published: 2014
    Course code: ANA307
    Department: Anatomy
    Level: 300
    School: University of Ilorin
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    Uploaded on: 15-March-2020
    Size: 67.34 MB
    Number of downloads: 5
    Number of points needed for download: 68

    Tags: Abdomen Anterior Abdominal Wall Inguinal Region Groin Genital Organs Abdominal Cavity Peritoneum Esophagus Stomach Spleen Liver Extrahepatic Biliary Apparatus Duodenum Pancreas Portal Vein Small Intestines Large Intestines Kidneys Ureters Suprarenal Glands Posterior Abdominal Wall pelvis Pelvic Walls perineum Urinary Bladder Urethra rectum anal canal Lower Limb Bones of the Lower Limb Thigh Gluteal Region Popliteal Fossa Hip Joint Dorsum of the Foot leg foot

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