• Textbook of Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax, second edition by Vishram singh

    Textbook of Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax, second edition written by Vishram singh was published in the year 2014. It has details on Upper Limb, Pectoral Region, axilla, armpit, Scapular Region, shoulder joint, Cutaneous Innervation, Venous Drainage, lymphatic drainage, arm, Elbow, Radio-ulnar Joints, hand, Thoracic Cage, thorax, Thoracic Wall, pleural cavities, lungs, Mediastinum, Pericardium, Heart, Superior Vena Cava, Aorta, Pulmonary Trunk, Thymus, Trachea, Esophagus, Thoracic Duct, Azygos Veins, Hemiazygos Veins, Thoracic Sympathetic Trunks .

    This book was uploaded for 200 level Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science students of University of Ilorin. it is recommended for ANA202, ANA209 course .

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