• Practical Electrical Engineering by Sergey Makarov, Reinhold Ludwig, Stephen Bitar

    Year-published: 2016
    Course code: ENG226,EEE301
    Department: Electrical/Electronics Engineering
    Level: 200
    School: Federal University of Technology, Owerri
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    Uploaded on: 05-May-2020
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    Tags: DC Circuits Operational Amplifier Nonlinear Passive Circuit Elements independent sources dependent sources time-varying sources voltmeter circuit law network theorem circuit analysis power transfer Operational Amplifier Amplifier Models Transient Circuit Dynamic Circuit Elements AC Circuits Steady-State AC Circuit filter circuit bode plot frequency response Fourier transform RLC circuit AC Power power distribution transformer inductor digital circuit switching circuit analog-to-digital conversion embedded computing Diode Transistor Circuits Bipolar Junction Transistor BJT Circuits MOS Field-Effect Transistor MOSFET

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