• Advanced Organic Chemistry (Part B-Reactions and Synthesis) ,5th edition by Francis Carey, Richard Sundberg

    Year-published: 2007
    Course code: CHM235,CHM329,CHM331,CHM419,CHM420,ICH301,ICH355
    Department: Chemistry
    Level: 200
    School: University of Ilorin
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    Tags: Alkylation of Enolates Alkylation of Carbon Nucleophiles Reactions of Carbon Nucleophiles with Carbonyl Compounds functional group interconversion Electrophilic Additions Electrophilic Cyclization Reduction of Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds Concerted Cycloadditions Unimolecular Rearrangements Thermal Eliminations Organometallic Compounds Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions Organoboron Compounds Organosilicon Compounds Organotin Compounds Aromatic Substitution Reactions Oxidations Multistep Syntheses

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