• Lichen Morphology 3 by PLB204

    Year-published: 2017
    Course code: PLB204
    Department: Plant Biology/Science
    Level: 200
    School: University of Ilorin
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    Uploaded on: 16-June-2020
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    Tags: Lichen Morphology Asexual Reproduction Symbiotic Propagules Soredia Sorediate Lichens Isidia Isidiate Lichen Lobule Pycnidia Conidia Punctelia Sexual Structures Ascomata Mazaedium Apothecia Apothecial Section Lecanorine Apothecia Biatorine apothecia Zeorine apothecia Perithecia Hysterothecia Pseudothecia Ascus Structure Ascospore Diversity Basidiomycete Lichens

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