• Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics (A Modern Approach), Tenth Edition by SC Gupta, VK Kapoor

    Year-published: 2000
    Course code: STA124
    Department: Statistics
    Level: 100
    School: University of Ilorin
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    Uploaded on: 18-June-2020
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    Tags: Frequency Distribution Arithmetic Mean Measures of Dispersion Skewness Kurtosis Probability Random Variables Distribution Function Mathematical Expectation Generating Functions Theoretical Discrete Distributions Bernoulli Distribution Binomial Distribution Poisson Distribution Theoretical Continuous Distributions Cunle Fitting Principle of Least Squares Correlation Regression Attributes Sampling Large Sample Tests Exact Sampling Distributions Chi-Square Distribution t-test t distribution F distribution z distribution Statistical Inference Estimation Testing of Hypothesis Non-parametric Methods Sequential Analysis

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