• The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. II The New Millennium Edition Mainly Electromagnetism and Matter by Richard Feynman, Robert Leighton, Matthew Sands, Michael Gottlieb, Rudolf Pfeiffer

    Year-published: 2010
    Course code: PHY115,PHY152,PHY252,PHY353,PHY354
    Department: Science
    Level: 100
    School: University of Ilorin
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    Tags: Electromagnetism Differential Calculus Vector Fields Vector Integral Calculus Electrostatics Gauss Law Electric Field Electrostatic Energy Dielectrics Electrostatic Analogs Magnetostatics Magnetic Field Vector Potential Induced Current motor generator transformer inductance induction maxwell equation Principle of Least Action AC Circuit Cavity Resonator Waveguide Electrodynamics Lorentz Transformation Field Energy Field Momentum Electromagnetic Mass Tensors Refractive Index Magnetism Ferromagnetism Magnetic Materials Elasticity Elastic Materials Curved Space

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