• Organic Chemistry Demystified by Daniel Bloch

    Year-published: 2006
    Course code: CHE177,CHE277,CHE279,CHE358,CHE377
    Department: Science
    Level: 100
    School: University of Ibadan
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    Tags: atomic structure atomic number atomic mass functional group acid base alkane cycloalkane stereochemistry alkene reaction mechanism alkyne characterization organohalide Nucleophilic substituition elimination reaction alchol ether sulfur aromatic compound aldehyde ketone carboxylic acid carbonyl compound octet rule lewis structure oribital shape quantum mechanics bond formation valence bond theory electronegativity dipole moment resonance structure isomer chiral compound enantiomer diastereomer fisher projection stereoisomer thermodynamics kinetics carbocation stereochemistry Markovnikov rule Hammond postulate chromatography spectroscopy

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