• Schaum’s Outline of College Physics, Twelfth Edition by Eugene Hecht

    Schaum’s Outline of College Physics, Twelfth Edition written by Eugene Hecht was published in the year 2018. It has details on Speed, Displacement, Velocity, vector, Uniformly Accelerated Motion, Newton law, Equilibrium, Work, Energy, Power, simple machine, impulse momentum, angular motion, Rigid-body rotation, simple harmonic motion, density, elasticity, fluid, thermal expansion, ideal gas, heat quantity, thermal energy, thermodynamics, entropy, wave motion, sound, Coulomb’s Law, Electric Field, Electric Potential, Capacitance, Current, Resistance, Ohm’s Law, Electrical Power, Kirchhoff’s Law, Magnetic field, Induced EMF, Electric generator, motor, inductance, Alternating current, Light, Lens, Optical instrument, Interference, Diffraction, special relativity, quantum physics, hydrogen atom, multielectron atom, subatomic physics, Nuclear physics.

    This book was uploaded for 100 level Science students of University of Ibadan. it is recommended for PHY112, PHY113, PHY114, PHY115 course.

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