• University Physics with Modern Physics students solution manual, 14th Edition by Hugh Young, Roger Freedman

    Year-published: 2016
    Course code: PHY112,PHY113,PHY114,PHY115
    Department: Science
    Level: 100
    School: University of Ibadan
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    Uploaded on: 31-July-2020
    Size: 20.31 MB
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    Tags: Units Physical Quantities Vector Motion Newton's law Work Kinetic energy Potential energy Energy conservation Momentum impulse collision rigid bodies rotational motion equilibrium elasticity fluid mechanics gravitation periodic motion mechanics mechanical waves sound hearing temperature heat thermodynamics electrical charge electric field electric potential Gauss law capacitance dielectric current resistance electromotive force direct-current circuit magnetic field magnetic force electromagnetic induction inductance alternating circuit electromagnetic wave Light Geometric optics Interference Diffraction Relativity photons quantum mechanics wave functions atomic structure molecule condensed matter Nuclear physics particle physics cosmology electromagnetism optics acoustics modern physics

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