• Gray’s Anatomy for Students, fourth edition by Richard Drake, Wayne Vogl, Adam Mitchell, Richard Tibbitts, Paul Richardson

    Year-published: 2019
    Course code: ANAT201,ANAT202,ANAT301,ANAT302
    Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science
    Level: 200
    School: University of Nigeria
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    Uploaded on: 02-August-2020
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    Tags: Skeleton muscle vascular system lymphatic system nervous system sympathetics parasympathetics dermatones cutaneous nerves Vertebral column vertebrae Sacrum Intervertebral foramina discs Intervertebral disc problems joint ligament thorax back rib articulation breast musculature Suboccipital region spinal cord spinal nerve meninges thoracic wall lung pulmonary vessel plexus bronchail tree mediastinum pericardium diaphragm pleura abdomen abdominal wall inguinal region inguinal hernia stomach spleen duodenum intestine Gastrointestinal tract liver pelvis perineum lower limb upper limb head neck pelvic girdle pelvic viscera rectum uterus pelvic cavity Hip joint gluetal region thigh sole foot leg scapula clavicle dorsum skul dural brain ear eye neck pharynx nasal cavity teeth

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