• Differentials of leprosy by Ileseanmi Omotoyosi Nike

    Author: Ileseanmi Omotoyosi Nike
    Course code: M2
    Year-published: 2016
    Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science
    Level: 500
    School: University of Ilorin
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    Uploaded on: 28-August-2020
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    This book contains information on Lepromatous leprosy , Pityriasis versicolor , vitiligo , Seborrheic dermatitis , onchodermatitis , Tinea corporis , Psoriasis , Auspitz sign , Lichen planus , Sarcoidosis , syphilis , Cutaneous leishmaniasis , Cutaneous lympoma , Dupuytren’s contracture , Scleroderma hands

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