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  • Schaum's Outline of College Chemistry ,Ninth edition by Jerome Rosenberg, Lawrence Epstein, Peter Krieger

    Schaum's Outline of College Chemistry ,Ninth edition written by Jerome Rosenberg, Lawrence Epstein, Peter Krieger was published in the year 2007. It has details on temperature, temperature units, atomic mass, molar mass, molecular mass, relative atomic mass, emperical formula, chemical formula, limiting reactant, chemical reactions, gas, gas volume, pressure, standard atmospheric pressure, pressure measurement, gas law, Boyle's law, Charles's law, Gay-lussac law, combined gas law, ideal gas, ideal gas law, kinetic theory, avogardo hypothesis, molar volume, gas volume, gas stoichiometry, thermochemistry, heat, heat capacity, calorimetry, energy, enthalphy, thermochemical reactions, atomic structure, particle, waves, Pauli principle, Periodic law, Aufbau principle, Electron configuration, Atomic radii, ionization energy, electron affinity, chemical bonding, molecular structure, ionic compounds, covalence, valence-bond representation, molecular-orbital representation, π BONDING, MULTICENTER π BONDS, coordination compounds, isomerism, solid, liquid, crystals, crystal forces, Ionic Radii, oxidation-reduction, oxidation number, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, ionic notation, balancing equations, concentration, concentration scales, concentration units, dilution, volumetric standard solutions, vapor pressure lowering, freezing-point lowering, boiling-point lowering, Boiling-point elevation, osmotic pressure, Law of distribution, isomerism, functional groups, organic chemistry, biochemistry, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, Equilibrium constant, Le Chatelier's principle, acid, base, hydrolysis, buffer solution, indicators, weak polyprotic acids, tittration, complex ions, coordination complexes, electrochemistry, solubility product, electrical units, electrolysis, voltaic cells, standard half-cell potentials, free energy, Nonstandard potentials, rate of reactions, rate constant, energy of activation, Nuclear process, Binding energy, nuclear equations, radiochemistry .

    Schaum's Outline of College Chemistry ,Ninth edition was uploaded for 100 level Science and Technology students of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU). it is recommended for CHEM131 course .

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