• General Principles and Concept of Tumor Biology. Tumor Kinetics and Heterogeneity by Akinola Olugbenga

    Author: Akinola Olugbenga
    Course code: PHARMACOLOGY400
    Year-published: 2017
    Department: Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science
    Level: 400
    School: University of Ilorin
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    Uploaded on: 14-October-2020
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    This book contains information on carciongenics , malignant tumors , benign tumors , cancer genesis , Genome Disease , ONCOGENES , Tumor suppressor genes , DNA REPAIR GENES , Tumor growth , tumor spread , Tumor angiogenesis , Tumor heterogeneity , Lymphatic metastasis , Hematogenous metastasis , Implantation metastasis , Tumor recurrence , neoplasia , Cancer Cachexia , Paraneoplastic Syndromes , Hypercalcemia , cushing syndrome , Grading of Cancer

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