• Fluid mechanics and hydraulics by Mahesh kumar

    Fluid mechanics and hydraulics written by Mahesh kumar was published in the year 2019. It has details on fluid pressure, hydrostatic forces, submerged surfaces, buoyancy, floatation, fluid kinematics, fluid dynamics, vortex flow, potential flow, ideal fluid flow, laminar flow, viscous flow, boundary layer theory, compressible flow, model similitude, free jets, fluid machines, pelton turbine, impulse turbine, francis turbine, radial flow reaction turbines, propeller, kaplan turbine, axial flow reaction turbines, hydraulic turbines, centrifugal pumps, reciprocation pumps, hydraulic systems, fluid continuum, fluid properties, specific weight, weight density, viscosity, perfect gas law, isobaric process, adiabatic process, surface tension, capillarity, capillary effect, vapour pressure, cavitation, pascal's law, hydrostatic law, Bouyant force, centre of buoyancy, archimedes principle, metacentre, metacentric height, cauchy-reimann equations, Euler's equation, Bernoulli's equation, continuity equation, orfices, hydraulic coefficients, uniform flow, source flow, sink flow, free vortex flow, notches, weirs, francis formula, bazin formula, rehbock formula, cipolletti weir, reynolds experiment, Navier-stoke equation, efflux viscometer, ogee weir, boundary layers, stagnation pressure, stagnation density, stagnation temperature, specific energy curve, critical depth, critical velocity, sub-critical flow, hydraulic jump, francis turbine, velocity triangle, draft tube, rotodynamic turbine .

    This book was uploaded for 200 level Engineering students of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University. it is recommended for ENG232 course .

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