• Hemodynamic disorders , thromboembolic diseases & shock by Francis Ikechukwu Ukekwe

    Hemodynamic disorders , thromboembolic diseases & shock written by Francis Ikechukwu Ukekwe was published in the year 2019. It has details on fluid dynamics, blood flow, Capillary Hydrostatic pressure, Oncotic pressure, osmotic pressure, Fluid balance disorders, Edema, Effusions, generalized edema, edema formation, Increased hydrostatic pressure, Reduced plasma osmotic pressure, Sodium retention, water retention, Congestive cardiac failure, Subcutaneous edema, ANKLE EDEMA, PITTING EDEMA, heart failure, PREIORBITAL EDEMA, PERI-ORBITAL EDEMA, Abdominal ascites, Pulmonary edema, Alveolar pulmonary edema, Edematous brain, Cerebral edema, tonsillar grooving, ELEPHANTIASIS, HYPEREMIA, CONGESTION, ACTIVE HYPEREMIA, PASSIVE HYPEREMIA, CHRONIC PULMONARY CONGESTION, PULMONARY CONGESTION, CHRONIC PASSIVE SPLENIC CONGESTION, ENLARGED HYPEREMIC SPLEEN, HEMOSTATIC DISORDERS, SUBARACHNOID HEMORRHAGE, INTRACEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE, PERICARDIAL HEMORRHAGE, RUPTURED SPLEEN, HEMOSTASIS, ENDOTHELIUM, PLATELETS, PLATELET ADHESION, PLATELET SECRETION, PLATELET AGGREGATION, coagulation cascade, ENDOTHELIAL INJURY, HYPERCOAGULABILITY, LEIDEN MUTATION, PROTHROMBIN GENE MUTATION, HOMOCYSTEINE LEVEL, ACQUIRED THROMBOPHILIC STATES, ARTERIAL THROMBI, VENOUS THROMBOSIS, PHLEBOTHROMBOSIS, DISSEMINATED INTRAVASCULAR COAGULATION, embolism, Systemic thromboembolism, AIR EMBOLISM, AMNIOTIC FLUID EMBOLISM, Bone marrow emboli, Fat emboli, INFARCTION, MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION, SEPTIC SHOCK, NEUROGENIC SHOCK, OBSTRUCTIVE SHOCK, SEPTIC SHOCK SYNDROME, DISTRIBUTIVE SHOCK, HYPOVOLEMIC SHOCK, CARDIOGENIC SHOCK.

    This book was uploaded for 300 level Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science students of University of Nigeria. it is recommended for PAT301 course.

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