• Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions,Tenth edition by Lawrence Wineski

    Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions,Tenth edition written by Lawrence Wineski was published in the year 2019. It has details on Back, Upper Limb, Thorax, Thoracic Wall, Thoracic Cavity, Abdominal Wall, Abdomen, Abdominal Cavity, Pelvis, Pelvic Walls, Pelvic Cavity, Perineum, Lower Limb, head, neck, Skin, fascia, bone, cartilage, joints, ligaments, bursae, synovial sheaths, muscle, nervous system, blood vessels, lymphatic system, mucous membrane, serous membrane, Conventional Radiography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasonography, Nuclear Medicine Imaging, Medical Imaging, Vertebral Column, Back Muscle, Deep Fascia, Thoracolumbar Fascia, Spinal Cord, Mediastinum, Pleurae, Lower Respiratory Tract, lungs, Pericardium, heart, Large Thoracic Arteries, Large Thoracic Veins, Thoracic Lymphatics, Thoracic Nerves, Esophagus, Thymus, Anterolateral Abdominal Wall, Abdominal Wall, Posterior Abdominal Wall, Peritoneum, Gastrointestinal Tract, Gastrointestinal Tract Accessory Organs, Retroperitoneal Space, Urinary TractmSuprarenal Glands, Pelvis, Pelvis fascia, Pelvic Peritoneum, Pelvic Nerves, Pelvic Arteries, Pelvic Veins, Pelvic Lymphatics, Male Internal Genital Organs, Female Internal Genital Organs, Anal Triangle, Urogenital Triangle, Male Urogenital Triangle, Gluteal Region, thigh, Popliteal Fossa, leg, ankle foot, scalp, face, orbit, eye, skull, Temporal Fossa, Infratemporal Fossa, Cranial Nerves, Cervical Plexus, Brachial Plexus, Autonomic Nervous System, ear, digestive system, respiratory system, endocrine system .

    This book was uploaded for 200 level Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health science students of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. it is recommended for ANAT201, ANAT203, ANAT204, ANAT301, ANAT302 course .

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