• The Economics of Development and Planning ,40th edition by ML Jhingan

    The Economics of Development and Planning ,40th edition written by ML Jhingan was published in the year 2011. It has details on Economic Growth, Income Distribution, Sustainable Development, Underdeveloped Country, Chenery’s Patterns of Structural Change, Modern Economic Growth, Adam Smith’s Theory, Ricardian Theory, e Malthusian Theory, Mill’s Theory, Classical Theory, Marxian Theory, Schumpeterian Theory, Keynesian Theory, Marx’ Stages of Growth, Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth, Gerchenkron’s Great Spurt Theory, Nurkse’s Theory of Disguished Unemployment, Lewis Theory, Fei-Ranis Theory, growth model, capital accumulation, Harrod-Domar Model, Kaldor Model of Distribution, Steady State Growth, von Neumann Growth Model, Uzawa Two-Sector Growth Model, Kaldor’s Model of Growth, e Solow Model of Long-Run Growth, Growth Accounting, Endogenous Growth Theory, Fel’dman Model, Mahalanobis Model, Capital Formation, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Deicit Financing, Human Capital Formation, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Trade, New International Economic order, Commercial Policy, Foreign Capital, Two-Gap Model, Private Foreign Investment, Multinationals, Millennium Development Goals, Economic Integration, Economic Planning, Shadow Prices, Project Evaluation, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Input-Output Analysis, Linear Programming, Capital-Output Ratio, Price Mechanism .

    This book was uploaded for 400 level Administration, Social and Management science students of Modibbo Adama University of Technology. it is recommended for CC403 course .

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