• Macro Economic Theory 12th edition by ML Jhingan

    Macro Economic Theory 12th edition written by ML Jhingan was published in the year 2010. It has details on Macro Economic Theory, National Income, Economic Welfare, National Income Accounting, Circular Flow of Income, Say's Law of Market, Effective Demand, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, Consumption Function, Investment Function, Complex Multipliers, multiplier, Foreign Trade Multiplier, Super Multiplier, Saving Function, National Income Determination, Keynesian Theory of Income, Unemployment, Full Employment, Money, upply of Money, Central Banking, Credit Control, Monetarist Revolution, Demand for Money, Interest Rate, Real Balance Effect, Pigou Effect, Wage-Price Flexibility, inflation, business cycles, deflation, Harrod-Domar Models, Solow-Swan growth model, Solow-Swan economic growth model, Endogenous Growth Theory, Steady State Growth, Golden Rule of Accumulation, Macroeconomic Policy, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, IS-LM Model, Supply-side Economics, Rational Expectations Hypothesis, Classical Macroeconomics, Real Business Cycle Theory, New Keynesian Economics, Balance of Payments, Balance of Payments Policies, Foreign Exchange Rate, Foreign Exchange Rate Policy .

    This book was uploaded for 300 level Administration, Social and Management science students of National Open University of Nigeria. it is recommended for ECO341, ECO342 course .

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