• Basic principle of physics 2(introductry electricity and magnetism ) by TT Ogunseye

    Basic principle of physics 2(introductry electricity and magnetism ) written by TT Ogunseye was published in the year 2015. It has details on Electric charges, Coulomb’s law, Conductors, insulators, Electric Field Intensity, Charge Distribution, Electric Field Lines, Electric Field Lines, Charge Density, Volume Charge Density, Surface Charge Density, Line Charge Density, Electric Field, Electric Flux, Gauss’s Law, Electric Field Calculation, Electric Potential, Electrical Potential Energy, Equipotential Surfaces, Capacitance, Dielectrics, Current Electricity, capacitor, Electric current, Electric Current Density, Resistance, Resistivity, Conductivity, Electromotive Force, Internal Resistance, Direct Current Circuits, resistance, Kirchhoff’s Current Law, Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law, energy, power, Wheatstone Bridge, Potentiometer, Slide Wire Bridge, Electrodynamics, Mass Spectrometer, hall effect, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Forces, Biot-Savart Law, Ampere’s Circuital Law, Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetic Flux, Lenz's law, Mutual Inductance, Self Inductance.

    This book was uploaded for 100 level Science students of University of Ibadan. it is recommended for PHY104 course.

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