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  • Waves , optics and Modern Physics by TA Otunla

    Waves , optics and Modern Physics written by TA Otunla was published in the year 2015. It has details on Waves, optics, Modern Physics, Wave-forms, Stationary Waves, Wave Speed, Transfer of Wave Energy, Wave Energy, Periodic Sound Wave, resonance, sound wave, musical note, Doppler Effect, Refraction, Law of Refraction, Apparent Depth, Total Internal Reflection, mirror, lens, Optical Formula, thin lens, Optical Instrument, Lens Aberration, Dispersive Power, atomic models, Atomic Structure, electron, atomic model, Discovery of Electron, hydorgen spectrum, Bohr's model of atom, Bohr's quantum condition, Electron Cloud Model, Wave-Particle Duality of Light, Wave-Particle Duality, X-Ray Production, Nuclear stability, Radioactivity, Ionizing Radiation, Radioactive Decay equation, half-life, Mean Life Time .

    Waves , optics and Modern Physics was uploaded for 100 level Science and Technology students of University of Ibadan (UI). it is recommended for PHY105 course .

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