• Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis ,5th edition by Elizabeth Peck, Geoffrey Vining, Douglas Montgomery

    Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis ,5th edition written by Elizabeth Peck, Geoffrey Vining, Douglas Montgomery was published in the year 2012. It has details on Linear Regression Analysis, Regression, Model Building, Data Collection, Simple Linear Regression Model, Simple Linear Regression, Least-Squares Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, Interval Estimation, Multiple Regression Models, Multiple linear regression, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Intervals, Standardized Regression Coefficients, Multicollinearity, Residual Analysis, model adequacy checking, Variance-Stabilizing Transformations, Generalized Least Squares, Weighted Least Squares, Regression Models, subsampling, Leverage, Measures of Influence, influence, Polynomial regression Models, Piecewise Polynomial Fitting, Nonparametric Regression, Kernel Regression, Locally Weighted Regression, Orthogonal Polynomials, Indicator Variables, Multicollinearity, Multicollinearity Diagnostics, Model-Building, regression models, Linear Regression Models, Nonlinear Regression Models, Nonlinear Least Squares, Logistic Regression Models, Poisson regression, Time Series Data, Detecting Autocorrelation, Durbin-Watson Test, Time Series Regression, Robust Regression, Inverse Estimation.

    This book was uploaded for 300 level Science students of University of Ibadan. it is recommended for STA351 course.

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