• Chemistry - Study and Revision Guide by Christopher Talbot, Richard Harwood

    Chemistry - Study and Revision Guide written by Christopher Talbot, Richard Harwood was published in the year 2017. It has details on stoichiometry, mole concept, gases, reacting mass, reacting volume, atomic structure, nuclear atom, electron configuration, periodicity, periodic table, periodic trends, chemical bonding, chemical structure, ionic bonding, ionic structure, covalent bonding, covalent structures, intermolecular forces, metallic bonding, thermochemistry, Hess's law, bond enthalpies, chemical kinetics, collision theory, rate of reaction, equilibrium, acid, base, pH scale, strong acid, strong base, acid deposition, redox process, oxidation, reduction redox processes.electrochemical cells, organic chemistry, functional group chemistry, periodic table, transition metals, chemical bonding, chemical structure, hybridization, energy cycles, entropy, spontaneity, reaction mechanis, .activation energy, Lewis acid, Lewis base, organic chemistry .

    This book was uploaded for 100 level Science and Technology students of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. it is recommended for CHM101 course .

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