• Introduction to digital image processing by William Pratt

    Introduction to digital image processing written by William Pratt was published in the year 2014. It has details on digital image processing, Continuous Image Mathematical Characterization, Continuous Image Characterization, light perception, eye physiology, visual phenomena, monochrome vision model, Photometry, Colorimetry, color matching, color spaces, image sampling, image reconstruction, Monochrome Image Sampling Systems, Monochrome Image Reconstruction Systems, Color Image Sampling Systems, image measurement, Discrete Image Mathematical Characterization, Vector-Space Image Representation, Generalized Two-Dimensional Linear Operator, Image Statistical Characterization, Image Probability Density Models, Linear Operator Statistical Representation, Finite-Area Superposition, Finite-Area Convolution, Sampled Image Superposition, Sampled Image Convolution, Circulant Superposition, circulant Convolution, General Unitary Transforms, Fourier transform, cosine transform, sine transform, Hartley transform, Hadamard Transforms, Haar Transforms, Daubechies Transforms, Karhunen–Loeve Transform, wavelet transforms, Linear Processing Techniques, Transform Domain Processing, Transform Domain Superposition, Fast Fourier Transform Convolution, Fourier Transform Filtering, image improvement, Image Enhancement, Contrast Manipulation, Histogram Modification, noise cleaning, Edge Crispening, Color Image Enhancement, Multispectral Image Enhancement, image restoration, image restoration models, Continuous Image Spatial Filtering Restoration, Pseudoinverse Spatial Image Restoration, Statistical Estimation Spatial Image Restoration, Multi-Plane Image Restoration, Geometrical Image Modification, Morphological Image Processing, binary image, Edge Detection, Image Feature Extraction, Image Segmentation, shape analysis, Image Detection, image Registration, Point Processing Image Compression, image compression, video compression, Spatial Processing Image Compression .

    This book was uploaded for 800 level Science and Technology students of National Open University of Nigeria. it is recommended for CIT891 course .

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