• Lamlad's Mathematics SSCE & JME by Ajaja, JO Ajayi, AB Fagbohun

    Lamlad's Mathematics SSCE & JME written by Ajaja, JO Ajayi, AB Fagbohun was published in the year 1999. It has details on numbers, arithmetic, ratio, propotions, averages, indices, logarithms, surds, sets, venn diagrams, algebraic expressions, quadratic equations, simultaenous equations, graphs, rational expressions, inequalities, sequence, series, lines, triangles, polygons, circles, trigonometry, mensuration, bearings, latitude, longitude, constructin, loci, statistics, probability, Lamlad, SSCE, UTME .

    This book was uploaded for 000 level For other's category students of WAEC, JAMB & POST UTME. it is recommended for Maths course .

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