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    You will find Projects, 9th edition PDF which can be downloaded for FREE on this page. Projects, 9th edition is useful when preparing for ECO316 course exams.

    Projects, 9th edition written by Prasanna Chandra was published in the year 2019 and uploaded for 300 level Administration, Social and Management science students of Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI) offering ECO316 course.

    Projects, 9th edition can be used to learn Project evaluation, capital investments, capital budgeting, decision making, project analysis, strategy, resource allocation, portfolio strategy, business level strategies, strategic planning capital budgeting, corporate appraisal, market surveyor, demand analysis, marketing plan, technical analysis, product mix, plant capacity, financial estimates, cost of production, profitability projections, projected cash flow statement, projected balance sheet, multi-year projections, time value of money, investment criteria, Net present value, benefit cost ratio, profitability index, payback period, project cash flows, cash flow illustrations, cost of capital, cost of debt, cost of equity, weighted average cost of capital, weighted marginal cost of capital, flotation cost, project risk analysis, sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, break-even analysis, Hiller model, simulation analysis, decision tree analysis, managing risk, portfolio theory, capital budgeting, optimal timing, inflation, social cost benefit analysis, income distribution impact, linear programming model, integer linear programming model, goal programming model, managerial intuition, managerial judgement, reverse financial engineering, group process, capital structure, equity capital preference capital, debentures, term loans, project financing structure, financial closure, financial institutions, venture capital, private equity, infrastructure projects, public-private partnership, corporate governance, project management, project planning, project control project risk, time estimation, PERT Model, CPM Model, network cost system, project review, abandonment analysis, agency problem .

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