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  • Zoology, 10th edition by Stephen Miller, John Harley

    Zoology, 10th edition written by Stephen Miller, John Harley was published in the year 2016. It has details on Zoology, cells, tissues, organs, cell division, inheritance, evolution, gene frequencies, Animal taxonomy, phylogeny, protozoa, Smaller Lophotrochozoan Phyla, Molluscan success, Annelida, Ecdysozoan Phyla, Arthropods, Pancrustacea, Crustacea, Hexapoda, Ambulacraria, Echinoderms, Hemichordates, Chordata, Urochordata, Cephalochordata, fishes, Reptiles, diapsid amniotes, birds, Mammals, Synapsid Amniotes, nervous system, sensory system, endocrine system, chemical messengers, circulation, gas exchange, nutrition, digestion, temperature, body fluid regulation, reproduction, development .

    This book was uploaded for 100 level Science and Technology students of Edo University (EUI). it is recommended for AEB111 course .

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