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  • Modern Parasitology A Textbook of Parasitology by FEG Cox

    Modern Parasitology A Textbook of Parasitology written by FEG Cox was published in the year 1993. It has details on Parasitology, parasitic protozoa, Kinetoplastid flagellates, parasitic Amoebae, coccidia, Malaria parasites, piroplasms, microsporidia, ciliophora, pneumocystis, parasitic helminths, vectors, ectoparasitic insects, epidemiology, biochemistry, energy metabolism, lipids, amino acid metabolism, nucleic acid metabolism, molecular biology, molecular genetics, DNA technology, RNA technology, Gene expression, Gene regulation, telomeric gene expression, gene mapping, monoclonal antibodies, rational drug design, vaccine development, physiology, nutrition, chemical communication, locomotory physiology, chemotherapy, immunology, immunity vector control .

    This book was uploaded for 300 level Science and Technology students of Edo University (EUI). it is recommended for AEB319 course .

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