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  • Chemical Principles (Part 1), 6th edition by Peter Atkins, Loretta Jones, Leroy Laverman

    Chemical Principles (Part 1), 6th edition written by Peter Atkins, Loretta Jones, Leroy Laverman was published in the year 2013. It has details on atoms, radiation, atomic spectra, quantum theory, uncertainty principle, atomic orbitals, electron spin, hydrogen atom, chemical bonds, ionic bonds, covalent bonds, VSEPR model, valence-bond theory, molecular orbital theory, Gas laws, gas density, molecular motion, real gases, liquid, solids, intermolecular forces, liquid structure, solid structure, liquid crystals, inorganic materials, metallic materials, hard materials, nanomaterials, thermodynamics, enthalpy, heating curves, Born-Haber cycle, bond enthalpies, entropy, Gibbs free energy, physical equilibria, solubility, colligative properties, binary liquid mixtures .

    This book was uploaded for 100 level Science and Technology students of Edo University (EUI). it is recommended for CHM111 course .

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