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    You will find Electrical Machines, 2nd edition PDF which can be downloaded for FREE on this page. Electrical Machines, 2nd edition is useful when preparing for EEE213 course exams.

    Electrical Machines, 2nd edition written by Smarajit Ghosh was published in the year 2012 and uploaded for 300 level Engineering students of Edo University (EUI) offering EEE213 course.

    Electrical Machines, 2nd edition can be used to learn Electrical Machines, electromagnetism, Faraday's law, Lenz's law, magnetic circuits, magnetomotive force, magnetic field intensity, magnetic flux, single-phase circuits, power triangle, complex power, transformers, transformer oil, Buchholz relay, transformer tank, magnetic leakage, equivalent reactance, sumpner's test, pulse transformer, welding transformer, Three-phase transformers, rotating machines, electromagnetic torque, reluctance torque, DC generators, DC motors, voltage equation, Back EMF, Electric braking, synchronous generators, voltage regulation, Two reaction theory, synchronous motors, polyphase induction motor, single phase motor .

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