Concrete Technology Theory and Practice, Multicolour Edition by MS Shetty PDF free download

Concrete Technology Theory and Practice, Multicolour Edition by MS Shetty, PDF, was published in 2005 and uploaded for 500-level Engineering students of Bayero University, Kano (BUK), offering CIV5307 course. This ebook can be downloaded for FREE online on this page.

Concrete Technology Theory and Practice, Multicolour Edition ebook can be used to learn Concrete technology, Cements, Modern cements history, Portland cement manufacturing, Portland cement wet process manufacturing, Portland cement dry process manufacturing, Cement chemical composition, Cements hydration, Heat of hydration, Calcium silicate hydrates, Calcium hydroxide, calcium aluminate hydrates, hydrated cements structure, Water requirement for hydration, Cement types, ASTM cements classification, Ordinary Portland cement, Rapid hardened cement, Extra rapid hardening cement, Portland slag cement, Quick setting cement, super sulphated cement, low heat cement, Portland pozzolana cement, coloured cement, hydrophobic cement, masonry cement, expansive cement, Cement testing, Aggregates, aggregates testing, Aggregates form igneous rock, aggregates from sedimentary rocks, aggregates from metamorphic rock, aggregate crushing value, aggregates impact value, aggregate abrasion value, Deval attrition test, Dorry Abrasion test, Los Angeles test, modulus of elasticity, bulk density, specific gravity, Sieve analysis, Aggregates testing, Water, water qualities, Sea water for mixing concrete, Admixture, construction chemicals, Plasticizers, water reducers, Workability, Plasticizers action, Superplasticizers classification, Factors affecting workability, Superplasticizers types, Fresh concrete, Fresh concrete water content, Fresh concrete mix proportions, Aggregates sizes in fresh concrete, Aggregates shape, Surface texture, Admixture use in fresh concrete, Workability measurement, Slump test, k-slump test, aggregates grading, compacting factor test, flow test, flow table apparatus, vee bee consistometer test, setting of concrete, Manufacture of concrete process, Concrete compaction, Concrete curing, Concrete strength, Water-cement ratio, Strength gaining with age, Concrete maturity concept, Bond strength, High strength concrete, Elasticity, Creep, Shrinkage, Aggregates elastic properties, Modulus of Elasticity, Dynamic modulus of elasticity, Poison's ratio, Creep rheological representation, Creep measurement, Factors affecting creep, Aggregate influence, Mix proportion influence, Shrinkage, Plastic Shrinkage, Drying Shrinkage, Moisture movement, Autogenous Shrinkage, Carbonation shrinkage, Concrete Durability, Strength to Durability relationship, Concrete volume change, Durability definition, durability significance, Permeability, Cement paste permeability, Concrete permeability, Plastic shrinkage cracks, Settlement cracks, Thermal shrinkage, Hardened concrete testing, Concrete mix design, Special concrete, concrete methods.

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