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    You will find Crop Genetics and Breeding PDF which can be downloaded for FREE on this page. Crop Genetics and Breeding is useful when preparing for CRP305 course exams.

    Crop Genetics and Breeding written by Lateef Lekan bello was published in the year 2020 and uploaded for 300 level Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) offering CRP305 course.

    Crop Genetics and Breeding can be used to learn Crop Genetics, crop Breeding, plant cell, cell division, mitosis, Gametogenesis, meiosis, fertilization, gene, Mendel's Experiment, Law of Inheritance, Qualitative traits, Quantitative Traits, Heritability, Self Incompatibility, Male Sterility, Pure-line Selection, Mass Selection, Hybridization, Hybrid Varieties Development, Seed Production, seed Distribution .

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